AMD Esafarma

AMD ESAFARMA is in the market and operates in the hospital field since 1978. Quality and constant research and development of new products have been joined to create a first quality company, that can well take care of all the customer needs.

AMD ESAFARMA manages with its own staff, a 3.000 square meters operating centre situated in Terontola (AR-Italy). Its direct management guarantees a highly flexible logistic service and allows to correctly and quickly answer to the customer requirements. Through a large range of products and an extreme flexibility in production, AMD ESAFARMA is able to identify and create the most suitable product or combination of products for the requested use.

AMD ESAFARMA experience comes from years of hospital practice and its know-how in aseptic products has enabled the company to reach high technological procedures and has led AMD ESAFARMA to be one of the most important manufacturers of single-use surgical devices. The core business of the company is in the creation of disposable kits and procedural packs, which are already used in the majority of public and private hospitals in Europe.